Student Bedroom Caning

Caning In Student Bedroom

Student Bedroom Caning, after school. One particular student found she liked the idea of having her bottom whacked by her headmaster. They were playing around while tidying up an old junk room. When Britany found an old-school cane & slipper. Then uncovered a spanking bench. One thing leads to another. The headmaster took the opportunity to give her a few smacks across her jeans for fun. 

Student Bedroom Caning

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Caning Fun & Punishment

It turns out that Britany really had a thing for a stinging bottom. She proved this by bedding over the spanking bench in the untidy room. Letting Mr. Thrasham, smack her bottom with the old-school slipper. Then bearing her bottom & letting him give her a nice long caning. After the room had been tidied and was ready for painting she hinted that she could do with another reminder. Dressed in a saucy version of a school uniform she waited in her student room. 

Britany has always been a little tease. Ready with a pillow in the middle of her bed. Lays across as Mr. Thrashham comes into the room with the same Rattn School Cane they found in the untidy room. As she lays down over the pillow to raise her bottom, he brings the whippy cane down hard across her little short skirt. The skirt will be raised very soon. Her panties will be removed and the smile might go from her face. However, she did ask for it. So she will get it. Mr. Thrasham certainly enjoys caning those girls’ bottoms at school. Britany is not the only one.

Student Bedroom Caning In and out of school uniform

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