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Spanking Caning Films. This was one of my first serious inspirations. Back in the day, it was videos. Yes, videotapes from the 1980s. Some, originally filmed on Super 8 (the old Cinie Film Cameras). The girls of the time would get some better modeling fees for a red bottom. Some of the porn stars of the day would also get involved with the spanking phenomenon. 

Spanking Caning Films RGE bare bottom spankings and caning

Hardest Teen Caning Ever

Smacked Bottom Money

I still get a big kick out of the idea that girls would trade a red-stinging bottom for money. I certainly knew a few that did it for less than that. (another story). The feature of the young lady in this classic RGE Chzec Movie is because she really looks the part of a spanking model. Her bottom is perfect and she is a really cute girl. The fact that she can take a series amount of punishment is amazing. The spankings she gets are very hard. Also, the caning she takes is remarkable.

Spanking Caning Films smacked across her panties asa warm up

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3 Girls At Reform School

The basics of this story. A house with 3 punishment-hungry teachers and a group of 4 young teenagers… The new girl is bought in by her Mother and left to the devices of a man who immediately gives her a good smacked bottom over his thigh while standing up. Meanwhile, another girl is up in the bedroom receiving severe bare-bottom caning. They all join up in a living room where each teacher gets to pick one of the girls. This leads to the three getting a bare-bottom over-the-knee spanking. 

Spanking Caning Films Birching Fun

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Hard Caning Restrained Over Table

The girls all receive a super hard caning, restrained over the table. The only thing is a nice cushion to raise their bottoms. A mat is placed on the table too to help with their comfort. (How thoughtful). Blondie is held by 2 of the teachers. Then, Birched across the backs of her thighs. The girls are made to kneel against the wall. Facing away from the punishments. They can only hear what’s happening.

She also gets a second caning with a much heavier cane actually flinches a bit this time. 

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