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Contact & Commissions If you need to contact me for commissions or, please contact me

If you have problems signing up or you have some story suggestions email me at the above addresses. I also do a lot of work for private collectors. I have done a lot of other commissions. When you contact me tell me what you would like to add and as many details and pictures as possible to give me a full understanding of your requirements. I will be happy to give you a quote.

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Spank-Tec Auto-Caner

Spankred3d’s BIO

I was born in 1968, I am from the UK & I now live on an island in Greece.

The latest spanking artwork picture stories & updates.

Bare bottom, pantie spanking pictures with schoolgirl caning scenes. Red hot bottoms with smiling spankers for instance feature in my work. Also, I like to use facial expressions. Most enjoy it. The idea of punishing a girl is not so exciting if they don’t enjoy it a little. Some pictures do have naughty girls with red bottom cheeks from punishment scenarios.

New Technology Drawing Software Daz 3D

This is time-consuming & takes ages to get the right picture, but when it works it works well. Created using Daz 3D Studio software and my warped, twisted imagination. Some take a day some weeks and are ongoing. I am available for private commissions. For personal collectors & illustrations for magazines, books, and websites.


The price depends on the amount of work. If you wish to have a personalized character of a real-life person. This is not easy & takes some time to get right. If the image involves a lot of technical ability. Like restraining characters with rope etc. This is very difficult to do. My standard fee is €200 for one 3d build. The build is the creation of a genuine 3d model. From this, I can pose the models. Then position hi-res cameras inside the scene to make the images. Full HD or 4K. (they can also be made into animations, however, this is considerably more expensive). I will supply you with around 3-5 pictures from that one setup. For more BDSM, non-spanking, caning CP poses. IE, just bondage & other fetishes. the price will be negotiable.

Payment in advance. I live by my reputation. Caught out by dreamers and wannabes before. The phrase is “Money Talks”. You will find artists that are cheaper. Will take payment on completion. Promise the earth. Please feel free to go for it. 

You can pay me with Paypal, Wise, Bank Transfer, Credit or debit card. The payment will go through my other non-adult legit company. No mention of spanking or adult content. 

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Contact & Commissions for Stories and storylines

The stories of naughty girls and boys. Whimsical spanking scenarios & scenes, I have dreamed up over the years. Hot red bottoms feature a lot in the pictures. From light spankings to hard caning or the whip. Ongoing scenes, ‘Punishment Park‘, where girls are sent to a carnival where all the rides are spanking-related. Inside the main member’s section, the galleries also include some animation gifs and some pictures from other artists. The site is split into sections with a series about a place where spanking is a normal way of life “Spankford” (A bit like the Stepford Wives).

Sissy Boy Pictures & Commissions

There is also a section who gets dressed up like girls (some voluntary, some forced). “Sissy boy Spanking”. Upstairs in Uncle’s attic in a little dress and panties for a good smacking over his knee for fun or just punishment.

Contact me for a sissy boy spanking over the knee red hot bottom smacking commission

Sissy Boy Spanking Pictures

The galleries are designed as photo stories without text. You can make up your own idea about what is happening. The characters are all over 18 and the graphics have got better as technology has moved forward. I use Daz3D and Photoshop to create and render the images. Some single images can take up to 5-8 hours to render after I have set the original picture up. Then they have all the post-work done and that can take hours as well.