Untidy Punishment Room 2

Cane Testing Room

Untidy Punishment Room 2 is the next part of the Untidy Room series. On a Saturday morning Brittany and Mr. Thrasham are tidying up one of the old school rooms. A little bit of cheeky fun led to Brittany getting a whack across her tight jeans. This was after she discovered an old-school cane. Teasing her headmaster into giving her a playful demonstration.

Brittany gets a nother whack across her bottom in Untidy Punishment Room 2

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The Old Grey Slipper Test

Her face still blushing from Mr. Thrasham’s playful, strike across her tight denim jeans, on her exit. The room was cleared more. The litter has gone from the floor. The blackboard moved over. The Caning Horse repositioned, cloth draped over the remaining chair. Mr. Thrasham with a big grin on his face.

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A slipper was now more visible on the old school desk. He picked this up as she lay across the Horse… She didn’t even remember how or why. But she had removed her jeans and laid them on the desk in front of her. Now her almost bare bottom was on display. Mr. Thrasham was holding the slipper. Ready for another demonstration. The first of many on this naughty Saturday.

Her tight jeans removed, bent over the horse, headmaster holding the old school slipper. Ready for here bare bottom in Untidy Punishment Room 2

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See Britany’s red hot slippered bottom next week in the next picture update!

Part 3 Coming 2023

The secret room and afterschool punishments, red striped bottom weekends. More implements, uniforms, and really red bottoms

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