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Spank My Girlfriend Mizz Mini 

Spank My Girlfriend. My pretty, adorable, slutty girlfriend does get her cute bottom warmed quite a lot. At home and while out. She also works with me on There is a page devoted to her bottom and her spankings and canings. She is also a switch and loves beating the bare bottoms of naughty (or not ) boys and girls. Here she is tied to the bed in a pretty cute little nurse’s outfit and thin white nylon panties. Stockings and suspenders. Bent over a pillow. As well as nice smacked bottom, she received a fair caning, while tied up.

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There is a video inside the site for the whole evening.

The second picture was taken in a nightclub last week. I asked a stranger to smack her bottom in her naughty PVC Hotpants. She thanked him properly afterward. I whipped her bare bottom with a cane when we got home. It’s always fun watching her being spanked by a stranger, especially over their lap. Maybe you would like to warm up her pretty little bottom for her? 🙂

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Spank My Girlfriend Mizz Mini (Switches) She likes to be Dom

She also likes a red bottom, far too much, love’s the cane and crop, hairbrush & paddle.

Miss Mini is my lovely but ever so naughty girlfriend, younger than me by over 11 years. She really enjoys making a naughty bottom sting. Her fave implement is the cane & riding crop. However, she also loves being a naughty girl. Receiving a nice red hot bottom herself. If you ever meet up with us. She would probably let you ave a demonstration… Beware she does like to tie people up to stop all the annoying wriggling and moving about. While she whips your bottom hard with a cane. She will also probably let you smack her bare bottom as well. Because she’s such a cheeky little girl.