Creating Free Spanking Artwork

How To Make 3D Spanking Artwork

Creating Free Spanking Artwork is a long but fun process. Once you have learned the basics. It’s amazing what you can create. You may download the amazing Daz Studio free of charge from their website. Just Click Here

How To Use It To Make Pictures

If you can imagine a virtual 3d space. On your desktop. Then using possible models and objects that you can place inside that 3d space. That is essentially how it works. Imagine a virtual doll’s house. Where you can buy and make every accessory, outfit, place, thing, or character you want for Creating Free Spanking Artwork.

Kitchen Spanks

This is a time-lapse video of many hours of work condensed into 3 minutes. It is not meant as a “how to” instruction video. More of a “How I”. This is a video that shows how I create most of my 3d renders and scenes. Part 1 Posing the characters. This is a scene that I am currently working on and will be released soon. The working title is a basic scenario.

The full scene and storyline starts with two sexy young mothers having coffee. The subject of spanking and punishment comes up. The daughter of one of the women becomes the subject of a practical demonstration.


One of the most difficult and sometimes frustrating things about digital art is mastering new sore. Daz 3d is very complex. However, with some great tutorials, you will be producing some really cool artwork very quickly. There are hundreds of people offering great advice. There are even free tutorials from Daz 3d. Personally, my favorite teacher is this guy from Thundorn Games. He speaks clearly and gives you the correct information from complete novice to very advanced levels Click Here for a beginners introduction to Daz3d

Daz3d Drawing Software & Models

Below is an example of a drawing. Using Daz3d Free Software. I have done a 50/50 cut away to show the wonderful new iRay quality image and the wireframe model. This is all in 3d space, Tou can spin around the figures from any angle using the camera. You can set the software up any way you like and have as many toolbars and windows as you need. Or you can hide them away for your convenience. On the left, you will see I have some figures selected. In this case a Cyborg Character.

Artists 3d drawing program Daz3d Creating Free Spanking Artwork

Props, Figures, Transport & Downloads

If I was to double-click on this. The Cyborg would appear in the drawing. Then I would be able to pose the figure. Change colours and lots of other things. You can download and purchase thousands of figures, props, scenery, buildings, and transport. Almost anything you can think of. Personally, I have chosen to draw spanking caning, and punishment scenes with various naughty figures. 

Renderosity For Artists & Creators

This is a great place to download models, figures, and outfits. Also props, vehicles, and everything. Surprisingly inexpensive, considering the amount of work that has gone into producing them. I have a selection of props below that I will be using in some drawings. These whips and other BDSM-style accessories will feature here on soon. 

Free 3d Models for artists Renderosity

Get Creative Make Some Spanking Art Today With Renderosity

Dominatrix G3 outfit from Renderosity Creating Free Spanking Artwork Power Whip for G3 G8 M3 M8 figures for Daz3d Studio Renderosity Jail Guardian leather outfit for G3 figures Whip selection for easy posing Genesis characters
Dominatrix Outfit Power Whip Jail Guardian Easy Pose Whips

FREE Downloads inside the Full Member’s Section

Inside the full members, the section is a section where you may download some of the props, outfits, and scenes that I have used to make some of my artwork. There will be canes, paddles, and School uniforms. As well as many other useful props from my collections. This will be available via my spankred3d Google Drive.

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