Red Hot Caned Bottoms

New & Updated Caned Hot Red Bottoms 

Red Hot Caned Bottoms update. Three stories, two updates. More pictures from, The Untidy Punishment Room, as Brittany makes an interesting discovery. After helping her headmaster Mr. Thrasham, clear out one of the old school rooms on the weekend. 

Brittany’s Discovery

As Mr. Thrasham leaves the room, with the trolly. Brittany is left to clear the box on the floor and all the litter & and paper. She kneels down behind the box to see what’s inside. Her eyes are immediately drawn to a crook-handled school cane. She cannot help herself, she simply has to pick it up. Wondering how many poor girls & boys have had this whacked across them. Also wondering what it must feel like. Getting a few excited flushes, she taps the cane on the palm of her left hand. Feeling the flexible rod thwack down. It stings quite a bit… continued inside the Full Members Area 

Brittany finds a school cane, wondering if it had been used to give girls, Red Hot Caned Bottoms

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Red Hot Caned Bottoms for naughty schoolgirls, Brittant wondered what that felt like.

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Garden Canes Continues

After Mr. Heath constructed a new saddle stand for Daphne, then gave her daughter Maddied a few taps across the bottom, over it for fun. Daphne decides to invite her friend & neighbor over for a glass of wine. Mrs. Kanes has some very naughty ideas about the use of the new stand. Along with some chains, alcohol a cane, and the sexy bare bottom of Daphne… See How The Day Started By Clicking Here

Mr. Heath attached the rig plates to the base of the stand with a long threaded screw. He joined the shiny chains with the special link to the rings, then back to the cuffs. With Daphne bent back over the stand managed to clamp them around her ankles & her wrists. Allowing for a little bit of movement. Daphne lay there in her semi-drunk state. Mrs. Kanes, stood alongside as if she was supervising the operation. 

After taking a few swats with Mrs. K’s new favorite cane across her thin little tight fitting skirt. Dapnie is now at the mercy of her dom neighbor. Her bare bottom is now on display and showing the lines from earlier. Mrs. Kanes described it as a few gentle taps. 

Maddie and her mother getting, Red Hot Caned Bottoms

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Public Transport Spankings

The embarrassment of a public spanking. On public transport. The Subway. The Bus, Train, Tram, Taxi… What will people say? What will people do, will they stare? Mesmerized by the naughty scene going on in front of them. In this scene on the subway. A dom is whipped across the knee of a policeman., with a riding crop that she was brandishing. The red marks across her bottom will show up. For all to see.

Red Hot Caned Bottoms outdoor spanking and whipping on public transport

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See all these updates and many more, new videos, photos, and new ideas…

Doe’s Brittany Get A Bare-Bottom Caning?
Will Daphnie Get More Lines On Her Pert Bar Bottom?
More Public Punishment On The Move, How Embarrassing!

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