Untidy Punishment Room

Saturday Morning & Helping The Headmaster

Untidy Punishment Room. Saturday morning  Brittany volunteers to help the Headmaster. There is an old room full of old junk. Mr Thrasham decided that it could be used for something. Britanny volunteered. She had nothing else to do. Plus it may put her in the good books for a change. She was told to arrive in something that she didn’t mind getting a bit dirty. Today they were just going to throw away the old junk & tidy up the room. They would be keeping anything useful. Maybe decorate it next week. 

Untidy Punishment Room with Brittany in her teasing super tight jeand

Protected By the amazing Express VPN is a spanking good idea.

Cheeky Comments About Bottoms

Created by Mr. Thrasham at the school. Britanny had already filled a bucket and bought one of the warning signs and a mop. As they entered the room. It was obvious, they had a lot of tidying up to do. Throw away all the broken stuff. After picking up the scattered pencils and the rusty, overflowing bin Brittany picked up the box and bin, with all the rubbish in it. 

Mr. Thrasham picked up the moldy rolls of carpet in his arms to carry them out. “Watch the bottom Brittany,” he said: as she carried the crumbly old box to the door. As she glanced back she could see a smile on his face and a twinkle in his eye as looked at her from his kneeling position. ” I thought that’s what you were doing Sir”, She replied with a giggle. 

Watch that bottom in Untidy Punishment Room

Brittany’s favorite VPN keeps her safe on the internet. Especially her bottom.

Pictures rendered today. With a new 3d model from my old friend Mr. GeeSee3d. The Vaulting Horse.
(another custom-made spanking prop from the master himself),
This very well-designed Switch is just one of many 3d models he has designed for me personally. geesee3d.com Check out the site 🙂

More to come from this new story.
Questions raised.
About some of the items that Brittany uncovers.

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