Garden Canes Schoolgirl Maddie

Common Garden Canes 

Garden Canes Schoolgirl Maddie, next-door neighbor, and pervy old ex-headmaster. What more could you want? Apart from some wine and a very naughty schoolgirl. Daphne sits out in the garden admiring Mr. Heath’s latest creation. She likes the odd glass of wine. Also waiting for her next-door neighbor to come over as well.

Mr. Heath has been building a new saddle stand for Daphnie. Who likes a bit of horse riding? Her back garden backs onto his. He has been out there since about 8 AM, sawing & hammering. Only too pleased to be of some help to his friend. The tools lay on the ground in the sunshine. Mr. Heath is a stickler for things done properly.

Mr. Heath Is Good With His Hands

Maddie’s Mum sits on the patio furniture drinking wine, getting a little tipsy, whilst watching her ex headmaster & friend test out the new saddle stand he’s constructed. Daughter, Maddie is also there, having stumbled into the backyard by mistake. She heard the sound of sawing and chit-chat. Now regretting her investigation.

Garden Canes for naughty schoolgirl Maddie

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Mrs, Kanes Pops Round

Daphne pours another glass of wine and sits back waiting for her friend. Blind to what’s going on in the garden. Laughing at her daughter Maddie. Enjoying the afternoon & the wine. She admires her new homemade saddle stand & the skillful hands of her friend, Mr. Heath.

It would seem that the saddle stand was built for more than one purpose. Poor Maddie is laying over it. Her little arms & legs dangling on either side. Mr. Heath has placed Maddie over the wooden Saddle- Stand. Whipping the cane down on her tight denim shorts. She dangles over it with her pert little bottom high in the air.

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 Schoolgirl Maddie Returns for stinging red bottom… 

Daphne sits in the sunshine sipping her wine. Laughing at her naughty little daughter’s predicament. Making little jokes as the cane whizzes through the air, striking her bottom. She has felt the cane many times herself. At school when she was Maddie’s age. Also not so long ago from the very same Headmaster. Also her very kinky neighbor Mrs. Kane’s. Due to arrive soon…

Schoolgirl Maddie and The Garden Canes

Garden Canes

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