Busted Bus Ride

Transportation Tantrums & Red Bottoms

Busted Bus Ride Home with another public transport spanking. Sally gets smacked over  Aunties’s lap. In front of everyone on the bus. The dom-clad young woman, getting her bottom whipped with the crop, watches with pleasure. The ride home after picking up Sally, who is staying for the week with her Auntie and cousin Maddie. Seen here, laughing as she’s having her bottom warmed up in front of her. 

Double Spanking Busted Bus Ride Home

The balance between the embarrassment factor and the stinging slaps from her Auntie Daphne’s hand is narrow. However, the lady on Maddie’s left. noticed that she is being cheeky. Laughing at her cousin’s predicament. Auntie Daphne has seen the look on the smartly dressed lady’s face. The dom that was getting a whipping on the Subway. Smartly dressed. Ready to spank Maddie’s bottom. The look in her eye says it all. Maybe she will get off and Mum will let it go. What do you think will happen? 

Busted Bus Ride Home

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Busted Bus Ride home spanking for Sally in front of her naughty cousin Maddie. his will end in a good smacked bottom. On the bus or at home? Find out inside the full member’s area.  

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