New CGI Bottoms

Ai All New CGI Bottoms

I am currently working on some New CGI Bottoms with all the new AI software. Lots of new very Hi-res characters and scenes. There is a massive gap between real & CGI. Some spanking consignors love the old retro schoolgirl bare-bottom spankings. Others also like the old-style 2D cartoons and drawings. Many artists over the years have produced stunning drawings. Pencil 

Naughty Spanking Schoolgirls

Wanna See Her Pixels Go Red?

Real Vs Unreal

If you are into spanking & have a partner. Or a spanking friend with benefits. Maybe a paid Dom or Sub. You may like seeing videos and pictures of real girls and boys getting thrashed. Caned, whipped, and spanked usually. Other forms of punishment include being retrained and cosplayed or just genuine uniforms. A lot of us do not have such people in our lives. We have chatrooms and videos. Also, we now have AI and the new development of realistic chatbots. This could have many exciting possibilities for spanking fun and games.

AI schoolgirl for spanking

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New Naughty Things & Characters

I have spent a lot of money on new digital software & purchased some awesome new 3D models. Currently, I am working on a complete set of new characters. New ongoing scenes and also we have a new studio. We have a new bigger house. With no neighbors. So  I will be whipping my young girlfriend’s bottom outdoors in various places in the gardens. Also in the house. Might even do some one-to-one live streams. if you like that kind of thing. Might even invite some of you to come over to smack, cane, and tan her little bare bottom.

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