Schoolgirl Spanking Demo

Sally Volunteers For A Schoolgirl Spanking Demo For Mum’s Friend

Schoolgirl Spanking Demo came about when Samatha was chatting with her friend over coffee. Theresa had mentioned that she was having a few issues with her Son and daughter. The answering back, disregard for timekeeping. Also bad reports of behavior in general. She wondered how Samatha managed to keep Sally so well-behaved. 

Lots Of Smacked Bottoms 

After a few glasses of wine Sally’s Mum, Samantha decided to spill the beans. Telling her friend that since she became a single parent she had to become more strict. Theresa sat and listened to every word, smiling. She went on to explain that when she was a girl her own Mother used to spank her regularly. For any wrongdoing. Also for cheekyness. So she adopted the same stance for Sally. 

Explaining in great detail how she would take her by the arm. Walk her to a chair and put her across her lap. Smack her across her dress or trousers. Then across her panties for a while. For extra embarrassment, they would be pulled down for smacked bare bottom. Theresa sat there completely intrigued. Leaning forward, smiling as she heard about Sally’s punishments.

Hairbrush Cane Paddles & Cornertime Demo

Not only did Sally get her bottom spanked red hot over her knee. If she was even more naughty she would get smacked with a paddle or a hairbrush. Sometimes she uses a cane across her bottom just to remind her how to behave. Theresa sat there gob-smacked. However, she had quite a smile on her face. So did Sally’s Mother as she spouted on about it. Especially when she suggested that she would put Sally in her school uniform and give her a practical demonstration. 

Theresa smiled as her friend explained to Sally that she wanted to show Auntie Theresa how to discipline her son and daughter asking her to volunteer herself for this little lesson. Even more shocking, Sally agreed and even went upstairs to put on her school uniform. Bearing in mind that this was a Saturday morning. Theresa asked if she was going to just do it lightly, not a full-on punishment spanking. Samantha smiled back; “Well maybe, I will see how Sally reacts to it, but she didn’t say no to it did she?” She replied. 

Sally volunteers for a smacked bottom from Mummy

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Just a playful demonstration spanking

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Showing Theresa how to smack a naughty bottom

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Demo Schoolgirl With A Red Bottom

Samantha smacks her daughter’s bottom across her school skirt, in front of Theresa. Her friend sitting there completely transfixed on the spanking. Listening to the running cometary from Sally’s Mum, on how to smack a girl’s bottom. Sally, just laying there and taking it. Mum also goes on to explain that she will be pulling Sally’s panties down as well. 

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