Mum’s Friend’s A Spanko

Second Visit To Her Friends Mum’s Basemen

Mum’s Friend’s A Spanko was well established. Mum, Cindy spanked her daughter and Josie. She even returned a few days later and asked for more. This will be the second visit. Wearing her very high cut. Cheeky hot pants. Mum wastes no time in taking her down to the basement. Reassuring her that the afternoon will be an adventure. Restraining Josie over the whipping bench. She explains that her daughter has had some very red bottom afternoons since she found the room. 

Mum's Friend's A Spanko caning Josie's bottom downstairs in the basement

Mum’s Friend’s A Spanko

Bent over she asks about her friend. Eager to find out more. The sound of a cane swishing in the background. Cindy explains that her daughter will be home soon & she can ask her. Swishing the cane through the air several times. Josie shedders at the sound. Also a bit ashamed of her friend’s imminent arrival. She is also reminded that last time she asked for a light caning across her denim jeans. This time her high cut naughty hot pants will offer no protection. As Cindy brings the cane down firmly on the sit spot of the cheeky teen. THWACKKKKKK! Telling her that the marks will be nicely on display when she leaves. 

Caned over the spanking bench in Mum's Friend's A Spanko

In another part of the story set called The Cats Away a very inquisitive couple of girls find out that one of their Mom’s has a spanking & caning room in the basement. also, see the update from Mum’s Secret Basement Wai until the daughter gets home. Josie’s best friend. 

The continuing story.

When Sally returns home!
Is there more caning?

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