Mum’s spanking room

Mum’s spanking room in the basement

Mum’s spanking room. While the cats away story continues with Josie’s curiosity as she returns to her friend’s house, having discovered all the canes and whips and spanking stuff in the basement. Josie knocks on the door and with her friends, Mum returns to the basement for some fun. A nice warm-up caning over her pert little bottom through those sexy tight jeans to start with. Wait till they come down, maybe a little bit of “Cosplay” what should she wear? after reading the magazines and Belle dressing up as a schoolgirl. It’s time for a swap… Josie’s turn for warm-up. Then the unexpected happens…….

Mums secret spanking room

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This Story Continues in Part 2Teen Caning Update and: Friends Mum’s Ac Spanko

The continuing story.

When Mom returns home! The teen caning update!

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