Teen Caning Update

Previously The Girls Found The Secret Room

Teen caning update is the continuation of “While The Cats Away”. A room with a lot of spanking magazines. Canes and whips. Spanking bench with restraints. Including a collection of uniforms. This was all in the locked basement room. As Josie sat and read through the spanking magazines. She suddenly realised they were getting her all excited. Meanwhile, her friend was trying on a schoolgirl outfit. This was her Mum’s secret room. She was out and said that she would be returning home late. 

Mums secret spanking play room

Bottom Spanking Fun

It wasn’t long before the girls were giggling and laughing Swishing the canes and crops through the air. Remarking on how they must sting a bit. Josie is watching her young friend Sally in the little schoolgirl outfit. Grabs her by the arm. Pulls her across her lap and holds her down. The little skirt flips up. Revealing her pert little cheeks. The skimpy high cut panties are not hiding much. She starts to shriek with laughter as Josie starts to slap her bottom. Not hard but firmly. Whilst giggling & telling her she’s a naughty girl.

Her bottom goes from milky white to pink after a while. Not resisting Josie’s spanking. She continues. As Josie smacks her little friends bottom she says; “Wonder what your Mum would say if she could see you like this?”. SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK! Giggling she adds; “I wonder if she would spank your bottom?”. 

naughty O.T.K spanking Teen Caning Update

Teen Caning Update

Not wanting to be left out. Josies suggests they swap over. So her little schoolgirl friend swaps places with her. Josie asked to keep her jeans on to start with.

Then both girls get a bit of a shock…

Mums secret spanking room Teen Caning Update

The continuing story.

When Mom returns home! The teen caning update!

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