I Can Take It

She Said To Linda “I Can Take It”

I can take It, she said to her friend Linda. After a rather kinky conversation. A few drinks after work. Talking about spanking. Josie exclaimed with a giggle. Spanking was something she got when she shwas young. Linda had admitted that she was a bit of a dom. She thrashed some of her boyfriends with a riding crop. However, they were very wimpish. They had screamed after a few light taps. Josei had laughed at this & made a daring statement. That she wouldn’t be such a baby. 

I Bet I Can Take More Than You Sissy Boyfriends Could

Linda Explained how she loved the sound that the crop made. The swish, followed by the sound of the whip swatting their bottoms. The conversation turned to a bet. Linda said to Josie that she would not be able to take a few wacks across her bare bum. As the wine flowed. Josie said she wasn’t scared. She reconned that she would be able to take fifty. Linda continued to taunt her saucy friend. Betting her some money. The sum of 50 pounds. However, if she didn’t take all fifty. She would get nothing. 

I Can Take It, 50 swats on the bare bottom with a riding crop

I Can Take It a good long bottom whipping from Linda for a bet

Riding Crop Rattan Cane & The Tawse

Upstairs in Linda’s spare room. Bent over a char. Clinging on. Her thing skimpy panties won’t give any protection. Especially from the riding crop. Linda also rests a rattan school cane across the back of Josie’s legs. Also next to her. A thick leather Tawse. The riding crop rests on her pert little soft white bottom.

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