Bare Bottom Switch

Switched On Schoolgirl 2

Bare Bottom Switch. Mary Lou is now bound around the ankles. But she has some nice soft pillows. Her hands are left free so she can have a drink while being whipped. Her bare cheeks are now showing some serious lines. Welts put there by the selection of whippy Switches next to Mr. P. 

Previously Mary Lou was being switched across her bare bottom by Mr. P for cigarettes and beer.

Mary Lou Is Back In Trouble In The Woods

In switched On Schoolgirl, Mary Lou is in a bit of trouble, In the wood with pervy Mr. P. A little money-making scheme that will most certainly end in tears. It would appear that Mary Lou had no idea what a Switch was. Also, she had no clue what the phrase ‘ a good switching was ‘. Seeing the truck full of beer and pervy Mr. P, she just didn’t think as she hopped into the cab of his truck. The small wad of notes and his naughty but friendly smile were enough. Also, he had some cigarettes.

A Switch Or 6 & A Bare Bottom

As he sits there, drinking his Red Stripe Beer. Swatting Mary Lou’s pert schoolgirl bottom hard. Making some really red stinging welts. Offered some cigarettes and some beer she agreed to let him do this to her. Now she is getting more numb from the constant whipping of the thin Switches. Also from the beer. She lays there now with a drink in her hand and lets him get on with it. This is not the first hard spanking or caning she has received. It most certainly won’t be the last. 

Bare Bottom Switch, over a barrel across schoolgirl Mary Lou's bare bottom

Featured On The Erotic Art Top 100

The longest & hardest outdoor switching a girl could endure!

Red Striped Bare Bottoms 5 Switches 1 Schoolgirl

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Switched On Schoolgirl drinking Red Strip Naughty Beer

 Red Stripe Naughty Beer, for bad girls & boys 

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