St Patrick’s Spanking

Spanking St Patrick’s Day Pub

St Patrick’s Spanking in the pub. Mr. Strict gives Lisa a good swipe across the bare bottom with the cane. The drinks are flowing. The shots are out. Guinness is poured from the tap. The girls are getting into the swing of things. Dressed in their Irish-colored outfits. To celebrate St Patrick’s Day. Phobe is giving Tanya’s bottom a good warm-up with a wooden paddle. Amanda is getting ready behind the bar. However, they are already drinking. They have not opened the pub yet. 

St Patrick's Spanking

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Drinking Spanking & Caning Pub

The girls are all dressed up for the St Patricks Day Party at Mr. Stricts naughty pub. However, the Guinness is already flowing & the shots of Irish whisky are going down well. As naughty young teen girls get drunker. Out comes the cane and Lisa bends over in her cute green white outfit. The extra reddish color will come from the cane. Some nice red welts on her bottom. She even hitches her very short skirt up. Her little panties cover nothing at all. 

St Patrick's Spanking in the pub with the girls

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White Shirt Green Shoes & Skirt Red Bottoms

The girls are always out for some hot spanking fun and games. They cane and spank each other. Also usually let anyone else do it too. By the time the pub opens the girls will all be with red stinging bottoms. There to serve the customers. This is going to be one great party. Also, the people who may turn up will almost certainly smack these naughty teens’ bottoms all evening. They have dressed up for the occasion. 

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