Mothers Day Spanking

Mothers Red Bottom Day 

Mothers Day Spanking. For some parts of the globe. Zander is back over her lap with a good hard slippering. This is not his Mother. This is Mrs. Smax. She is his girlfriend’s Mum. Just happens to love a nice red bottom. He has had his rear, whipped hard with a cane and bullwhip before. Valentine’s Day. This was up in the attic while tied over a Whipping Horse in the attic. 

Mothers Day Spanking

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Daughter Slipperd OTK

Rosaline is also put across Mummy’s lap. Looking up at her boyfriend’s red hot bottom. Standing almost behind her. She gets a great view of what her bottom will soon resemble. All the tools of the trade are on the coffee table. The slipper is starting to smack down hard. She has her little dress on at the moment. Knowing that this will be removed. Also, this won’t be the only spanking session of the evening. 

Smiling as she slaps her daughter’s bottom with the old slipper. Remembering when she was a bit younger and doing the same thing. Knowing that little Rosalind didn’t object, even then. Hence the table is full of implements. Including a selection of canes, whips, paddles & a tawse. Also a nice whippy Switch from the garden. A nice bottle of wine. The perfect celebration evening. Two cute bottoms to spank.

A red hot stinging bottom for Rosalind on Mothers Day Spanking

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Don’t forget Mother’s Day Again
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Mothers Day Spanking 

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Uk Mothers Day is today 19th March 2023 In America they celebrate it on the second Sunday in May