Wishing Well

Be Careful What You Wish For

Out in the park on a nice sunny day around the little pagoda on the other side of the little pond where people cross the tint wooden footbridge and throw coins into the water to make their wishes come true. Known as The Wishing Well (long since removed and now a little island in a pond with bridge). Wishing Well OTK Spanking

Brita is now over the knee of the big man himself, Cole. She is about to get the spanking of her life, outdoors in the open. Her skimpy little high cut shorts are no protection from the large smacking hand of Cole. You can see the nice pink tinge turning crimson on her bare cheeks that are on display in her high cut (come spank me) denim shorts. It won’t be long before the expression on her face changes from that whimsical look to a tear as the spanking progresses into a serious bare bottom issue as her delightful pert little cheeks get smacked harder. Then who knows what will happen next, maybe a trip to the spanking warehouse where all the good toys are kept.

Wishing Well OTK Spanking

This story continues inside the Full Members section with Brita’s shorts coming down to see her nice red hot little cheeks given a thorough warming 🙂