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Spanking Artwork Inspiration

A lot of people write to me and ask where I get the inspiration for my drawings and story ideas. The answer is simple now, from images I have seen on the internet or on video posts but mainly from some of the greatest magazines on earth. Especially from the late ’70s, early 80’s like Janus, Blushes, Kane, Justice and many more. Certain stories stick in my mind more than others. I am going to put in the Full Members Section some of the original scans and the stories as well as some of my favourite photos.

Teachers Pets a story from Janus 23.

Priscilla and Nicola are absolutely inseparable — and irrepressible. One simply cannot teach them for ten minutes without the pair of them sabotaging the studious atmosphere by bursting into peals of very girlish giggles. It seems they have only to look at each other to crack up laughing. They find everything funny, and most things hilarious. Mr Harvey, their dishy biology master, is especially giggle-worthy. Perhaps it’s his subject that does it: he must ‘know all about it’ as dark-haired Nicola slyly remarks to her friend… causing both of them to explode with more and more of their famed laughter.

More likely, though, it’s Mr Harvey’s incessant references, throughout his lessons, to the subject of spanking that sends the crackpot pair into hysterics. For what could be more ‘naughty’ than Mr Harvey’s evident obsession with the taboo notion of smacking their bottoms? As for example in: ‘If I had my way, miss, I’d take you across my lap this instant and tan that pretty backside of yours till you squirmed!’ Pretty heavy stuff for schoolgirls as young and innocent (you want to bet?) as this charming but annoying pair. Especially when you consider that — to Mr Harvey’s infinite chagrin — he is not allowed to spank anyone’s bottom. Only the headmaster and the deputy head are permitted to apply CP, and then it’s only supposed to be under exceptional circumstances.

Spanking Artwork Inspiration Naughty Schoolgirls

Mr Harvey probably says the words ‘smack’ or ‘spank’ around 15 times a day whilst teaching his all-girl classes. It’s become a habit with him, and half the time he doesn’t know he’s doing it. Perhaps it’s a lifeline for him: a relatively safe way of creaming off the pressure, without which he would go mad. The girls don’t mind, it’s a bit of a giggle really.

They know he can’t help it, and he only means it in the nicest way. He’s too well-liked for anyone to take offence, and besides, a great many of his pupils fancy him like hotcakes and are always vying with one another to attract his attention. By now you doubtless understand that of all the things that reduce Nicola and Priscilla to peals of helpless giggles or render them speechless with suppressed hysterics — which at any moment might erupt — Mr Harvey and his fondness for talking about spanking girls’ bottoms affect them like nothing else. They only wish he could take all their lessons, instead of just two periods a week.

Red Hot Stinging Smacked Schoolgirl Bottoms

Every Friday after school this term it’s Mr Harvey’s turn to take detention… a chore that makes all teachers yawn with utter boredom. More than ever this Friday, when all our hero wants to do is get away and spend the evening — and hopefully the weekend — with his marvellous new girlfriend. His only hope of an early exit is if no-one’s been put in detention. But his luck’s out, for there on the roster he reads two names: Priscilla Waters and Nicola Redway. And surprise, surprise: their noted offence is causing a disturbance in class.

Wearily Mr Harvey heads for the Detention Room where he finds the two culprits seated side by side giggling, and already writing their lines: ‘I must not be a naughty girl.’ Trust old Smethwick, Mr Harvey thinks. Couldn’t he come up with something more original once in a while? He invariably handed out the same line, regardless of what a girl had done or failed to do. Mr Harvey knows what he’d like to literally hand out to them, and they know too. There are times when he has to exercise steely self-control.

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