Uncles Spanking Shed

A Visit Uncles Spanking Shed

Uncles Spanking Shed at the bottom of the very large garden. Just a wooden potting shed really, but it’s out of the way of prying ears. Ex Headmaster and a known spanking enthusiast. Also Uncle to 3. Two nieces and one nephew. They could not escape the conversation that lead them to a visit to the shed. Some canes and straps. Also a few spanking paddles and other implements. 

A Visit Uncles Spanking Shed

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A jovial chat about how he used to tan the bare bottoms of naughty pupils when he was a Headmaster. Back in the day. As he always says. This was followed by a trip to the bottom of the garden, as he whistled a jolly tune beaming with joy. Walking slightly timidly behind in their school uniforms, his nephew & niece. They both know that they are about to get a practical demonstration of his hobby. 

A Visit Uncles Spanking Shed

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He didn’t spank them hard as a punishment. But he did warm their bottoms red hot. They both knew that this would continue over the weekend, while they stayed. Uncle was very thorough with his demo. Bare bottom and usually red hot. Sometimes with stripes…

A Visit Uncles Spanking Shed

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