Halloween Spank 2022

Naughty Girls & Boys Halloween Spank 2022

Halloween Spank 2022. Yes, it’s that time of year again. Naughty punishments from Witches and ghostly teachers. Naughty Schoolgirls beware. From woodland caning rituals to satanic beatings. Trick-or-treat beatings when you ask for a trick and get the stick. Smacked bottoms from ghostly apparitions, caning in the woods from an evil friend or foe. 

Halloween Spank 2022 Tricks & Treats

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Halloween Tricks & Treats

Punished in the dorm by her teacher. Wearing a slutty Police style uniform in white. Before the fancy dress party. Will she be wearing that short little white dress that may show off her red cheeks? A good hard paddling from the teacher will make that difficult to conceal. Teacher dressed in her shiny dom Assasins outfit. A hard wooden paddle smacked down across the naughty girl’s bottom. The dorm room looks like a total mess. 

Halloween Spank 2022

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The girl and her roommate had one instruction from the teacher. One single request. That was to make a hollowed-out pumpkin for the party. The two pumpkins lay unused on the bed. An ominous website looms on the screen of her friend’s computer. This would indicate that one of these girls has more than an avid interest in a sore bottom.

Whipping Forest Witch

The sexy whipping Witch of the woods. Takes her victims out for a drink or to a Halloween party. When they have had a few too many she takes them in her truck to the local forest. This is where she has already placed her caning bench. This poor unsuspecting young thing is already cuffed. Bent over with some very red hot stripes across her bare bottom. Out there in the cold. Lit by the moon and the headlamps from the wicked Witches truck. 

Halloween Spank 2022

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Soon to be caned again until she howls like a Werewolf. The cold of night makes her bottom sting a lot more. She waits in anticipation as her newfound friend stands there smiling.  Waiting for the sting of the rattan cane to settle. Then she can continue into the night. While the girl is wondering who may be watching.

Halloween Spank 2022

Featured In Top Cartoon Sites

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