Toys In The woods

Abandoned Rides From Punishment Park

Toys In The woods. If you go down to the woods tonight you’ll be sure of a big surprise. They may be some hot red bottom games from some of the old Punishment park rides. The old Paddle Speeder cleaned up. Given a good testing from two unlucky volunteers. They did not know what they were volunteering for. They were simply offered a ride on some old amusement park ride that had been dis-guarded & left in the spooky old woods in the middle of nowhere.

Otdoor paddling spanked Paddle Speeder

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The Paddle Speeder Re-furbished Toys In The woods

The old Paddle Speeder used to have a speed measuring device, as well as a scoring system, all made possible with a bit of electronic wizardry. Now it just spins round and round powered only by the poor restrained will & unwilling girl’s bottoms via a couple of spanking paddles that will swat away until there are very red hot stinging cheeks & probably some dizziness. Who needs electronic scoring when you can just restrain a couple of deserving young girls or boys, bent over the nice comfy leather pads, then shackled at the wrists & ankles on the multi-positional, fully adjustable frame. Then spend the evening beating their pert bottoms to make them spin until your arms ache. See this story in full inside the Members Area in full-sized 16 x 9 coloured images.

Scream if you want to go faster!

spanking paddle speeder Toys In The woods

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