Woodland Toys Part II

More Toys In The Woods

Woodland Toys Part II. Mr Floyd & his spanking mad lady friend have decided to take the girls out for the evening, but little do they know that he has fully restored the old Punishment Park Ride “The See Sore”. The whole thing can disassemble & fit in his pickup truck. Of course, the old electronic scoreboard is now missing but the machine/ride still works perfectly.

Once the girls have been firmly strapped in using the nice shiny shackles for the ankles and wrists (to stop that annoying wriggling) Mr Floyd has chosen a cane & his friend Janice has decided to start off the warming up process with a heavy leather strap. Just to show some kindness. The girls are still in their shorts. Until their bottoms warm up.

Started by whacking the girls bottom who is in the up position. Make it go down. Then the process starts again. Just a good hard whip of the cane to make the See Sore go down to the bump stop. Janice can return the hit and so on.

Both bottoms are just warming up. Those very nice tight shorts on but I bet you anything you like. They won’t be staying on for the whole evening. They will swap implements and girls.

The See Sore spanking ride Woodland Toys Part II

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