Spank-Tec Introduces The Auto-Caner MK II

Spank-Tec. A new series up today for a caning machine that canes two girls at once is under testing at Spank-Tec. The two dominatrix ladies from Spank-Tec have found a couple of volunteers to test out the new improved Auto-Caner Mk II. Works with the App. Set it for the duration. Height (just to get those perfect lines). Also, you can adjust the speed and how hard the cane hits. Also works off Wi-Fi. So you can operate it from anywhere.

The Auto-Caner original machine was sold and distributed by Spankys Shop. For naughty bottoms. Fully tested on the staff. Full of spanking magazines and implements. There is also a demonstration of the Auto-Caner in action. Poor Tracy gets restrained over a spanking horse. Then left with the Auto-Caner via Wi-Fi. Used as a babysitting device. By her spanking obsessed Mom. See the story click here

Spank-Tec caning machine Auto-Caner

If you would like some naughty spanking stuff. Spanking Skirts, Paddles, Crops & Canes

The baby sitter caning machine video (Auto-Caner)

The baby sitter caning machine. This little picture set is one of the most fave’d picture sets inside spankred3d‘s Full member Area. The simple story of a Mum leaving her misbehaving 18 yo daughter at home, strapped into a caning bench with a robot caning machine, operated via the internet on her tablet, using the Auto-Caner software provided Click here if you are not already a member

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