The Abandoned School

Ghostly canings if you visit the old abandoned school

The abandoned school in the town. Fenced off from trespassers. Had its fair share of rumors & stories. The most popular one was. A headmaster from the old days had passed away. He would punish naughty schoolgirls bare bottoms with a cane. Bend them over the school desk & thrash them hard. Knickers down. 

The Urban Legend In The Abandoned School

The legend says. If you sit in one of the old classrooms. After 4 pm on a weekend at a certain desk. Wearing a school uniform. A ghostly figure will appear. The ghost of the old headmaster. The desk is easy to locate. Next to it is a bin with some of the old school canes in it. Inside the desk are some naughty spanking magazines. Janus, Blushes, Uniform Girls including a few others. The story also says that if you were to read those magazines while sitting at that desk. You would find yourself bent over the desk. Having your bare bottom caned hard. By the ghostly apparition.

The abandoned school

The Dare From The Girls At School

Dared by her friends. Sally decides to go to the old school. Creep through the hole in the fence. Obscured from view and the main road. She makes a stealthlike mission to cross the old playground and enter the building. Dressed in her old school uniform. With one cheeky modification to her skirt. Now extremely short. Sally found the old abandoned classroom. The bucket of canes sits next to the desk. They looked like they had been used recently. The top of the desk was also not dusty. In conclusion. Somebody had been laying over it. 

Abandoned School Caning Room

Find out if Sally gets her naughty bare bottom caned. If the rumors are true about the headmaster in the full picture story. In the member’s area 

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