Spanking New Years Eve

New Years Eve 2021 Spanking Good Office Party

Spanking good office party for 2021. As usual, the drinks flowed quickly. The girls got giggly. Traditionally, office juniors get their bottoms smacked. This year they have a new pho-copier. A colour one. Also traditionally. Girls like to sit on it & photo-copy their bottoms. The office management has decided that this year. A prize will be offered for the best image. With the reddest coloured cheeks.

The office New Years Eve party with drinks and lots of hot red bottoms

Susan has already jumped up to do a picture. Spanked by Mr Penning. Now clutching one of the canes. He helps her up. The new idea is that he wants to put some stripes on her bottom. Just to see how good the new piece of office equipment is.

The sound of spanking fills the room. The alcohol flows. Bottoms get hotter. The photocopier might run out of toner. There is a long night ahead. Drunk girls will be competing in the annual caning competition. The losers have to suck the managers dry. while the other watch. 

Bare bottom spanking testing the red toner on the new photo-copier with the girls bottoms


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