Bottom Spanking For Cash

Ca$h4 Spanking

Bottom Spanking For Cash makes more pocket money. Also more spanking capers. The 2 girls are in desperate need of some extra money. Buying cute clothes & going out clubbing costs money. They have an enterprising idea. Charging some local kinky neighbours money to let them smack their bottoms.  This seems to be a spanking good idea. However, the word gets around & Auntie & Uncle live in the area. They also decide that they would love to help the girls make some money. They also suggest that maybe this would be safer if they had a special place to do it. Safe and close by. It just happens that They have an empty room that could be converted. A new bottom warming business is created. This Story is in The Full Members Area

New business for otk lovers in Bottom Spanking For Cash

If you are looking for real girls to spank for FREE

Meet local people. Sign up for FREE. Make friends for just chatting or a discussion via email. Maybe meet them or video chat. If you like spanking, caning, paddling and corporal punishment. Then give these people a try. You would not believe the amount of naughty little girls. In your area. Waiting to get their pert little teenage bottoms smacked. Also lots of uncles, Aunties and Headmasters are ready to warm up your bare bottom for you. Meet people older, younger or the same age group as you. 

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Bottom Spanking For Cash

Smacking red hot idea from these cheek girls. Bottom Spanking For Cash

More to come with all these stories and picture sets. 

With some very hot red smacked butts inside:
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Lot’s more red-bottomed girls. Caning and paddling for the holiday season. Including 

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