Bottom Spanking Updates 2022

Red Bottom January 2022

Red bottom January 2022 updates include so many new things. We have some amazing new characters. Including some naughty boys. Getting their cheeks spanked red hot. In school uniforms & out. Also featuring retired school headmaster. Also Uncle to his naughty nephew. Who asks him about what punishments he used to dish out. He decides to give his nephew a practical demonstration. Red bottom January 2020 caning schoolboys bare bottoms hard

Smacked boys and girs bottoms outdoors in the greenhouse

Spanking Parties

Groups of spankers & spankees. Lot’s of red bottom fun. Due to the popularity of this subject, I have updated the stories. These will continue all through 2022. Three main stories with some questionable motives. Aunt’s, Uncles get to smack the bare bottoms of various teens. The girls come voluntarily to the parties & clubs. Dressed up in the spanking outfits. Sometimes they have uniform nights. Schoolgirl, maids being just two of them.

Spanking party continues into Red bottom January 2020

Real Spanking Videos

I have long been a fan of the 70’s & 80’s retro spanking videos. I have several private clips. These are the ones that inspire my artistic flare. Some of the stories. The outfits & characters. They are inside the Full Members Area. There are canings, spankings. Also sissy TV & TS punishments. Including some naughty boys being punished by women. Femdom ladies whipping the helpless bare bottoms of men. Also some private videos. Some of my canings and spankings. Including some girls that I have smacked and caned. Red bottom January 2022.

Smacked bottoms for schoolgirls free spanking videos Naughty bare bottom caning videos

A New Woodland Setting For Outdoor Punishments

A secluded misty forest. Favoured by spanking enthusiasts. Starting with a dare. A young man, dared by his girlfriend to take a thrashing from her Dominatrix friend. In the misty woodland area where nobody really goes. A fallen tree and a tree stump. The perfect height for caning. Also, it has some metal rigs bolted to one side. The perfect place to tie some wrists to stop those interfering hands.

Red bottom January 2020 A New Woodland Setting For Outdoor Punishments

More to come with all these stories and picture sets. 

With some very hot red smacked butts inside:
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