Spanking & Caning Time(r)

So how long can you last before you yell stop ?

The spanking & caning timer is an endurance game. How much punishment can you take. Usually spanked with a paddle. Mostly the cane. Lay across the wooden stool on the pillows. Set the timer to how many minutes. The elected caner will thrash your bottom. Until the timer stops. If you can’t take it and yell stop before the timer is finished. You lose. 

The canning timer game for endurance beatings

Making A Bet On Who Lasts Longest

The spanking & caning timer is a betting game. The players are the ones receiving the punishment. Will set the timer. This is the amount of time in minutes that they think they can stand in one session. They will bet against each other with money or forfeits. Sometimes the person making the bet is not the one getting the cane. He or she is betting on one person. In the picture, the girl looks shocked. The one laying over the stool has just set a very long session on the timer. 

Caning and spanking timer

Caning & Spanking Timer Gamers

There are many different ways to play. Many different rules. The most common one is where two people bet on their partners. This guy in the picture is confident that his girlfriend will be able to last longer. She doesn’t look so sure. The girl in the yellow skirt has set the timer for 10 minutes. The cane is a Senior Rattan School Cane. This will be across the bare bottom. No warm-up. Non-stop with a standard one second between each stroke. 

Bare bottom caning with a clock

Five minutes of non-stop bare bottom caning on the stop clock

See their red hot stinging bottoms in the member’s area. Find out who wins.

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