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You Tube Spanking. As it will be known as. When Mom find her looking at naughty magazines in the derelict house down the street. She takes a quick look. Shocked to find it’s a collection of old spanking magazines. Her daughter seems to be enjoying them. Also, she admits it isn’t the first time she has been there. Mom decides that her daughter should experience a spanking. Right then & there. 

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Stripped to her top and panties. Over Mom’s lap. Spanked hard by had. Josie who is coming to meet her little friend hears the sound. The sound of slapping. Keeping up to the window. She is amused and shocked by the sight. But she has to get her phone out. Film it. Her friend over her Mom’s lap. Getting her bottom smacked. This works as blackmail and really exciting to watch. 

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Red hot spanking caught on smartphone You Tube Spanking

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More to come with all these stories and picture sets. 

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