Kelly’s Back

Naughty Cheeky Young Girl Kelly’s Back

Back by request, Kelly who we think enjoys a nice hot bottom no matter how much she protests at the time. A load of new storylines this month for teen Kelly. Wearing a shirt with the word “Spank” on it. Gives Mum an idea. Kelly tries to explain it’s a band she likes. Her mother laughs. Decides that her provocative skirt & naughty demeanour warrants a smacked bottom. 

When she finds her Mum’s collection of spanking magazines. She’s in even more trouble. Looking through stuff in Mum’s room is naughty. But sitting there reading the material is quite another. Her daughter has an interest in spanking. Mum decides to give her a practical demonstration. Having a spankee in the house would be more fun. Mum has quite a large collection. With a little research. Looking at Kelly’s internet history. She decides that maybe her daughter is a spanko too.

It turns out that she has no problem with receiving a red hot bottom. In fact, she is more than just, interested. 

Red hot bottom smacked Kelly's Back

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Tied for Moms riding whip Kelly's Back

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Left to think about it Kelly's Back and Mum's going to thrash her

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More to come with all these stories and picture sets. 

With some very hot red smacked butts inside:
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