Spanking Caning Paddling

Latest Updates From Spankred3d Tons Of Spanking Caning Paddling

Spanking Caning Paddling picture stories & NEW Animations. This month’s updates include the very popular spanking party storylines. Tons of new pictures to continue “Spanking Party Fun”. The girls now all have red bottoms. The Tawse has been out. They are all getting drunk. Who knows what’s to come. Alcohol & hard caning sessions to come. The girls turn to watch the hard caning. Alcohol numbs the pain for Josie. Her smacked bottom warm up. The drinking is helping. The others know they will be next.

Spanking Caning Paddling

As Seen On 3D Topsites

Updates for “I Can Take It”. Josie gets a good whipped bottom from her friend. Hard on her bare cheeks with the riding crop. Rubbing her bottom. Kneeling on the chair. Fifty shades of red welts. Linda smiles as she explains that next weekend will be another fifty strokes. A  different implement. Maybe the cane. Or could be the strap. 

Spanking Caning Paddling

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Spanking Animation Of My Favorite Storylines

I will be picking a set of images. Turning them into punishment videos. Here is a short demo. A nice over the knee smacked bottom. The screams & gasps echo around the room. The smacks bounce off the walls of the punishment room. Mum continues to make her butt nice and red. More scenes to come. More stinging bottoms. Screaming. Crying and some smiles. Usually from the person doing the spanking.

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