Bottom Smacking Party

The Continuation Of The Spanking Party

Bottom Smacking Party. More fun and games. Plus some alcohol. A few of the girls have swapped laps and Josie has decided to change into her school uniform. Adaline, (who is about to thrash her with the Tawse) has decided she really won’t be needing the skirt. Her bottom is already warm from the hand spanking warm-up. Tina is now across Jennifer’s lap getting her bottom warming finished off. 

Jennifer watches as Josie looks dauntingly at the wooden Saddle stand. Varnished and newly restored for indoors. Modified for punishments. She knows what she’s about to receive. Meanwhile, Tracy is still across Michaels lap. All this is about to change soon. They will take a break. Have a drink & watch Josie getting a good dose of the Tawse.

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The Bare Bottom Smacking Party Afternoon


Bottom Smacking Party party fun for the afternoon. The volunteers to get their bottoms warmed. The daughters and Nieces of the spankers. Every month. A few drinks and maybe some nibbles. This is one of the many houses they use. This is a Spanking Party Fun Room. It has all the tools of the trade, Riding whips. Some canes and a Caning Horse. The drinks come from the kitchen. However, the main focus is on a little warm-up to get things going.

This story will continue with the girls changing into other outfits and swapping their dominating partners. Also hopefully nobody will be looking in the back window. More wine. More smacks. Red bottoms. With stripes and welts. For fun.

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