New HD Pictures

Odds & Rear Ends

Ok so here are some old pictures that I have re done in full 1080 HD. This is a new format and way of producing the images they will all be in 16X9 (like a wide screen TV). Also soon I will be adding some animated sequences top the stories, even some short films.

The few sets of pictures here have been re rendered with the new system. The clarity is amazing (and will get even better as I add new plugins and stuff). There is a section of pictures in the site some are sampled here of Mary Lou’s old school. She is over her Head Mistresses lap having her pert little bottom smacked by hand. Also there is a few picture from the story “Pocket Money Spankings”. The Uncle and Auntie have decided to offer their cheeky little Niece a spanking in exchange for some extra pocket money. The naughty girl decide to take them up on the offer exchanging a hot red stinging bottom for some extra cash.

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