Smacked Bottom Volunteer

Sally Has To Volunteer For A Smacked Bottom

Part 2

Theresa Gives Sally A Hot Bottom

Smacked Bottom Volunteer Sally, goes across Mum’s friend’s lap for the first time. Theresa pats her warmed cheeks. She looked around at her friend for approval. Getting the not from Samatha to smack her daughter’s bottom. Mother smiles back and Theresa’s hand comes slapping down. Then again and again. A perfect tempo. Not too hard, not too soft, but just enough to make a nice smacking sound and warm up Sally’s cheeks. 


The Smacked Bottom Volunteer Schoolgirl,
For Mum’s Friend

Schoolgirl Spanking Demo came about when Samatha was chatting with her friend over coffee. Theresa had mentioned that she was having a few issues with her Son and daughter. The answering back, disregard for timekeeping. Also bad reports of behavior in general. She wondered how Samatha managed to keep Sally so well-behaved. 

After a coffee Sally’s Mum, Samantha decided to spill the beans. Telling her friend that since she became a single parent she had to become more strict. Theresa sat and listened to every word, smiling. She went on to explain that when she was a girl her own Mother used to spank her regularly. For any wrongdoing. Also for cheekyness. So she adopted the same stance for Sally. Click Here For Part 1

Smacked Bottom Volunteer

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Smacked Bottom Volunteer

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