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Full Spanking Movies have been updated. Inside The Full Members Area, A lot of the videos helped me to create the artwork. All of them influenced me. These are not just random punishment videos. They all have a story. They all have great characters and sound. One of the most important things in the films is the sound. 

Full Spanking Movies Sound 

The cane swished through the air. The thwack, as it makes contact with a nice bare bottom. The smacking hand of the teacher across those school panties. The crack as the strap or paddle lands hard across the lower fleshy part. 

Some of the videos I have just uploaded have all of these. Hence they are an influence on my artwork. Cute bottoms, naughty outfits. Strict but fun Doms. Older women like to spank younger girls for fun. Also, girls enjoy their bottoms being smacked & caned. 

This full spanking movie clip is about a Headmistress who likes caning girl’s bottoms. It’s her birthday, so she requests one of the girls to come to her office. She wants to cane her as a present to herself. Asking the girl if she will. Of course, she agrees to a bare-bottom strapping and serious caning. Just as a gift to the Headmistress. 

A Birthday Caning

Other New videos include:

First TimE Spanking

It’s her first time as a pro-spanking model…

Alex, Bend Over

Like the household gadget, Alexa does as she is told …

A Nasty Piece Of Work

Caughty playing with herself and ready spanking material…

Cane For Sexy Cleaner

Sexy cleaner gets a bare-bottom caning from her employer…

There are thousands of other images, stories, photos, and even full movies on spanking and caning punishments. 

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