Slipper Cane & Bare Bottom

What Happened Next In THe Untidy Room

Slipper Cane & Bare Bottom. All that was required on this strange Saturday.

Previously: Untidy Punishment Room. Saturday morning  Brittany volunteers to help the Headmaster. There is an old room full of old junk. He decided it could be used for something else. Britanny volunteered. She had nothing else to do. Plus it may put her in the good books for a change. Told to wear something, that she didn’t mind getting a bit dirty. Today they were just going to throw away the old junk & tidy up the room. They would be keeping anything useful. Maybe decorate it next week. 

Pictures rendered today. With a new 3d model from my old friend Mr. GeeSee3d. The Vaulting Horse.
(another custom-made spanking prop from the master himself),
This very well-designed Switch is just one of many 3d models he has designed for me personally. Check out the site 🙂

Slipper Cane & Bare Bottom afternoon in the room they were tidying up

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Bare Bottom Slipper & Cane

Brittany was not wearing her tight jeans. Her panties were on the desk. Mr. Thrasham had her bent over the old Vaulting Horse. The slipper was raining down a quick succession of smacks on her bare cheeks. It stung more than the cane. This was across her tight denim jeans. Really sharp to start with. Mr. Thrasham was only giving it to at a medium strength. Not like a punishment. She could feel more sting. He picked up the pace & got into a rhythm. 

As a Headmaster of the school, Mr. Thrasham was enjoying his favorite pastime with Brittany. She had a cheeky way about her and really nice body & a pert bottom. He watched her reaction to the slipper. Her cheeks were going nice and red. She hadn’t moved. So he decided to put the slipper down. Then he picked up the cane. Brittany stayed where she was. 

All the Headmaster wanted for the afternoon was a Slipper Cane & Bare Bottom

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