Bare Bottom Cane Test

Stinging Bare Bottom

Bare Bottom Cane Test down in the basement. Sarah agreed to let Mr. Strict test his collection of canes on her bare bottom. He offered her some money. She needed it to pay her bills. It seemed like a good deal. However, she didn’t realize how much her bottom would sting. Also, the duration of the caning was about 30 minutes at a time. This was twice a week. Sarah used to get her bottom smacked when she was a girl. At home and at school. She had decided that the whippy cane would probably be ok. After all, she was a lot older now. Also, she had played around with some naughty spanking fun and games with various boyfriends. She quite liked it.

Bare Bottom Cane Test for a bit of extra cash

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Rattan Cane Test

Mr. Strict is the Headmaster of the local school. He uses canes and all kinds of things to warm up a naughty bottom. Something he enjoyed very much. Although most of the owners of the bottoms would not share his enthusiasm. Most of the girls at his school had experienced a warm bottom at some time. Usually over his lap by had. This would be a first offense. Then maybe bare bottom if they were extra naughty. If they had a second visit to his office, they would most likely be experiencing the sting of the cane. Just like Sarah was right now. 

Holding Still & Feeling The Sting During The Bare Bottom Cane Test

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Bare Bottom Caning

The cane swished down across her bottom quite hard. To start with it was a bit of a warm-up. Some light strokes. Sarah thought to herself at the time. That it wasn’t going to be too bad. However, the first dozen were very light, compared to the hard strokes she was receiving now. She knew she would have to take it if she wanted to get the money. 


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