Sisters Schoolgirl Caning Games

Stinging Hot Bottom Games In Uniform

Sisters, schoolgirl, caning games started with a bit of dressing up fun. In their old school uniforms. A slight dare. Go out and tease some dirty old men for fun. Go dressed as a schoolgirl to a fancy-dress party, just to flirt and tease. Two cute sisters that look almost alike. Found out that they enjoyed dressing up so much they decided to take it further. Reminiscing on their old school days. Giggling about the pervy old headmaster. His love of smacking their bare bottoms for any reason at all. 

Smacked bare Bottoms

The sisters decided to act it out as Mary Lou lay across her older sister lap. Her hand slapping down on her pert cheeks. Giggling as she smacked away. Mary Lou seemed to be enjoying it far too much. Then when the tables turned her big sister found out that she liked it too. Two hot little teen bottoms., like the old school days. They shrieked and giggled as they took turns to spank each other OTK style (Over The Knee). 

Caning Games Straps & An Old Freind

The girls joked about how much their ex headmaster would enjoy being there. This time with the two of them wanting to be spanked. The sisters, schoolgirl caning games start. When they get a bit more daring and agree to invite their old headmaster over for the afternoon. Thinks really get going. Especially when he brings the old school cane & leather Tawse. 

Sisters schoolgirl caning games

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