Beach Bum Caning

Really Hot Suntanned Bottoms with stripes

Beach bum caning. Naughty teen girls want a good tanning. The red hot sunshine from this naughty holiday gives them an all-over tan. The spankings and caning in between just makes their bottoms red hot. Nice little skimpy bikini-clad teen girls mixed with too many cocktails. Makes for some very naughty behaviour on the secluded beach. Softened baby oil and suntan lotion make nice soft cheeks to get a real good tanning.

Upturned Sun Lounger Caning Horse

Sun loungers. Turned over. Making the perfect caning bench. The curve is perfect to raise the girls bottom enough for the cane. A nice bit of lotion to make it soft. Followed by a thrashing with the cane. This little game started off with too many cocktails. This is the result of. Two boys from last night. Jealousy is a terrible thing. 

Beach Bum caning with naughty suntanned teen girs bottoms

No Spanking Warm-Up

With a hot sun and a very hot bottom. She doesn’t even get a warm-up spanking. No need. This is a forfeit game made worse by clubbing at night. Strong cocktails & some flirting. This is the start of the Beach Bum Caning forfeit. The one that fails to pull the guy. Gets her bottom thrashed on the beach by the other. This may even advance.

Tanned bottoms for naughty teen girls with hot stinging canned striped beach bums

Spanked By A Stranger After Clubbing.

This is the next naughty part of the game. Also short skirt. Hot pants and red striped bottoms. On show for all to see. An obvious give-away too.

Also coming up. “The Paddling Pool” Garden pool punishments for wet bottoms in the sun. (Updates All Week) 


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