Schoolgirl Stable Whipping

Bailed Out Whipped Bottoms In The Stable

Schoolgirl stable whipping. The naughty schoolgirls. Asked to help clear up the stable. For a chance to go horse riding. Decide to mess about instead. Realizing that when the owner’s daughters get back. Not pleased with the schoolgirl’s efforts. Stable punishments are harsh. Bare bottom whipping with the riding-whip or the horse crop are common. The owner’s daughters know only too well. 

Stable girls whipping schoolgirls bare bottoms wit riding crops

Schoolgirl Bottom Whipping In The Stable

The girls are told to lay across the line of hay bails. Their tiny skirts rais naturally. Two of the stable owner’s daughters grab their riding crops to whip the naughty bare bottoms of the girls. However, one girl is left. A riding whip balanced on her bottom. Left there to contemplate her fate. Joined by the stable master. Or will it be somebody else? Maybe the girls will take turns with the riding-whip. 

Whipped with a riding crop bare bottom schoolgirls

Equestrian Uniforms & Riding Whips

Nasty stinging riding crops. Bare bottoms and two Equestrian sisters who enjoy using the riding crop. Not on the horses but on the poor stables girls bottoms. They find this as much fun as riding the horses. The three schoolgirl assistants. Thought it would be a laugh and a muck about and a free ride.

Schoolgirl stable whipping in the barn

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