Schoolgirl Wife Spanked Again

Part 2 With Schoolgirl Wife Spanked Again

Schoolgirl Wife Spanked Again. Another dress-up afternoon because the rent is due. The prefered method of payment for this couple includes the wife, Linda in a Schoolgirl uniform. The kinky & perverted landlord accepts spanking her bottom in exchange for some rental payments on the house. This time she is back over his lap. A warm-up spanking in a cute little pleated school skirt, stockings and a little top. However, this will end up as it always does. With a red hot bottom. Her husband Gary smiling. As he watches his pretty young wife gets her bottom warmed by the older man.

This time the couple’s pervy landlord has bought his new two-tailed leather Tawse with him. as well as a big golfing bag full of canes and riding whips. Let’s hope that the young pretty boy husband, Gary doe does not have to pay for anything. He sits back in the chair just watching. But his young wife has other ideas. 

Schoolgirl Wife spanked again

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Schoolgirl Wife Perv Landlord

Schoolgirl wife pays rent with her bottom. Running out of money. difficult times. Three months behind on rent. Her husband, Gary is still out of work. Perv landlord Mr Allan always fancied Linda. He was always looking her up and down. Their eyes usually fixed on her pert young bottom. The offer of paying the rent with it had not occurred to her or Garry. However, the dirty old perv of a landlord had said if she were his daughter. He would smack her bare bottom. Like a naughty schoolgirl.

Schoolgirl Wife spanked again

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Make Linda Pay For It

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Gary smiled at her one afternoon. After Allan left without his rent money again. He had made his usual naughty schoolgirl remark. Linda had blushed again when he suggested it & Gary suggested that it wasn’t a bad idea. The phrase, Instead of being, behind on the rent. The rent would be on her behind. After a few conversations, they decided it was the only option for staying in the apartment. 

Schoolgirl Wife Pays Rent

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Deciding that a few smacks across the bottom would be better than struggling to keep a roof overhead. Linda went to a second-hand shop and bought some old schoolgirl uniform stuff. Some knowing smiles were mad at the counter. In conclusion, she managed to put together a couple of schoolgirl outfits. First, tried on a short Tartan skirt and blouse with a school tie. Gary smiled & told her how hot she looked. Then as if by magic Mr Perv himself rang the doorbell. Allan was delighted when she opened the door. 

Bare Bottom Schoolgirl Caning

(Click Here To See The Caning She Got Last Time)

He had accepted the proposal of a weekly punishment. He could treat her like a naughty schoolgirl. She would let him smack her bottom if he knocked money off the rent. Also didn’t hassle them about it. Alan told her that he intended on using his rattan cane on her bottom too. She just agreed because they were too far into the deal now.

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