Schoolgirl Caning Derelict Building

Josie Gets The Cane In the Old Derelict Building

Now it’s time for this schoolgirl caning in a derelict building. Spanked hard with a Tawse. Over here friends knee. Dressed as a schoolgirl. Inside a derelict building. Now it’s time for a caning. The first spanking was a warm-up. Rachel loves caning, She loves the sound of the cane whizzing through the air. The sound when it hits Josie’s bottom. The scream she makes as the pain sets in. 

Schoolgirl Caning Derelict Building

Derelict Building is perfect for a Schoolgirl caning

Her red stinging bottom is glowing. Her Schoolgirl skirt is now off, draped over the stool. Josie lays across the covered chair. Her bottom is almost bare. Those little panties give no protection. Arms by her side. Nothing to grip to help absorb the sting. 

A Rattan Senior Cane For Schoolgirl Josie

Hard caning for a schoolgirls bottom

Rachel likes to cane hard. She always reaches back as far as she can. Then whips the cane down hard. Always right on target. The lines will be straight. She has practiced caning for quite some time. Lots of bottoms. Now her latest little recipient must stay still until she’s finished. 

Hot Red Striped Bottom In An Old Rundown House.

Caning Josie in her little schoolgirl outfit in this old house

Caned Bare Bottom After A Warm Up With The Tawse

After a long warm-up over Rachel’s lap. Josie takes the caning. She better not move. Rachel will start from the beginning. If she wriggles about. She will be restrained with rope. Her wrists will be tied, along with her ankles. No matter how sore her bottom is. Josie’s dominatrix friend will spank her after the caning. No matter how much Josie begs her to stop. The last episode from this picture set. You will see her bent over a fallen tree. Thrashed with a carpet beater.

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