The Naughty Bar

Kinky Cocktails & Cheeky Little Drinks

The Naughty Bar has a selection of cocktails. All of them are a bit kinky. You can order a Red-Hot-Bottom. This is a drink mixed with Grenadine. It is a great meeting place for the kinky folk of Spankford. You can meet here for a chat & a drink. Maybe a bit more. Some of the staff offer some extras. Stuff that isn’t exactly on the menu. 

The Naughty bar with saucy waitresses

A Selection Of Naughty Beverages In This Bar

Order a Smacked Bottom from the bartender. You will get a nice cocktail. Drink too many for instance. Will get you the offer of a smacked bottom. The selection of cocktails will tell the bar person what you like. The waitresses get nervous when someone orders a “6 Of The Best Double”. 

Check out the 2 ladies at the bar. Have they just met. The one on the right works there. The lady behind the bar gets a round of shots in. The girls start chatting. Wonder how the evening is going to pan out? Is the young girl on the right going to get her cute exposed cheeks smacked?

Kinky cocktails and naughty staff in the bar

Naughty Bar Cocktail Waitress & Extra Services 

Just because it’s the Naughty Bar it still has waitress service. Dressed up in a uniform. Sometimes a waitress in her pinafore dress. Or as a Schoolgirl or French Maid. The tips are usually large. The customers are generous. This place is more of a spanking meet. That serves alcohol. After a few drinks. Could you resist the young-looking waitress Who will do almost anything for tips? 

Spanked bottom schoolgirl waitress service in the bar, how naughty?

Hot Red Naughty Ass

Find out what’s new at The Naughtiest place in town. Inside the Full Member’s Section. Who is getting change for their shift? Who is going to get a very hot red ass? This place is not for anyone. members only.


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