Outdoor Spanking Derelict Buildings

The Girls Love Some Outdoor Spanking Play

Outdoor spanking derelict buildings are about a naughty couple who like outdoor spanking play. In the previous post. These two young ladies enjoy their sub-dome relationship. For instance, going out to the woods or some derelict buildings for some hard spanking action. In addition, Josie the sub of the two likes to dress up and get her partner to give her a good hard spanking with her selection of paddles, whips, canes as well as her hand.

Spanked bottoms in derelict buildings outside

Long Hard Spanking Over Panties

Josie gets spanked by hand for a good warm-up. Usually by hand to start with. That is to say a gentle start across her dress and panties to get her in the mood. They find a derelict building. Lik an old abandoned house. Similarly a warehouse or disused factory. Or in other words, outdoors. Starting with a paddling. This is a hard spanking. Especially to start. The wooden paddle stings her bottom with every smack. Read more …

Derelicts spanking outdoors

Afternoon Spanking With Straps, Paddles, and A Caning.

They have some paddles and a Tawse. In addition, a rattan school cane. Josie is spanked with the wooden paddle over her dress and panties. Therefore quite a hard start. In other words, a loud smack. Especially from a derelict house with open windows. Subsequently, her dress raised and panties removed. Her bottom smacked red hot. Warming her up for a caning.

Spanking and caning in derelicts outdoors

Bare Bottom Caning & Spanking in Derelict Buildings

Soon she will be bent over the chair. Given a long hard caning on her bare bottom. In front of the window, therefore anyone can see. Josie likes voyeurism however the cane really stings. She enjoys these outdoor games and a hot stinging bottom. Above all, she likes the attention from it. For instance. If a stranger turns up and joins in. Read more…

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