Punishment Park

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Punishment Park Paddle Speeder plus lots of stalls & rides with a red bottom theme. Stand by for the different rides. The Punishment Park is like a funfair. Or unfair. According to some of the patrons. All of the rides will give the person on it a sore bottom. Great fun for Mum’s and Dad’s of errant offspring. A very good excuse to strap them in and tan their bare asses. Lurking around the carnival-like area ar a mix of people. Some just like to watch. Others would love to have a go. Some are girls and boys that want to be spanked. The stallholders & the operators of the rides also like to see red hot butts. Some of the rides in Punishment Park may not be entirely straight. 

Punishment Park Paddle Speeder

This is the famous Paddle Speeder ride at Punishment Park. The idea is simple. You need 2 willing players that will get paddled. Plus 2 people to execute the paddles. The machine works by swatting a bottom to make it spin round. The hard you paddle. The faster it goes around. There is a scoreboard in the middle. This has a digital speedometer. The measurement is taken from the position of each paddler. It can calculate the velocity from each person’s swat.

Red Hot Sore Bottom Games.

Punishment Park Paddle Speeder is just one of the ways to get a red sore bottom at this carnival-style fantasy world. I have seen hundreds of designs for spanking machines. I have even used them. Or been strapped into a few. I have also watched others being caned and whipped by machinery. There are a lot of spanking machines inside this site. You will have to go to the Full Members Area. If you like spanking machines. Robots that warm-up bottoms. Games that result in a good hard caning. like Spankopoly. This was a spanking game based on Monopoly. The bad girl’s edition. 

The Paddle Speeder from Punishment Park

Sppeding around powered by a bare bottom paddling in the park for punishment games

Scream if you want to go faster speeding is easy with harder paddle

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The Punishment Park Series. Has lots of images. There are all different rides. They all have one thing in common.

Red hot stinging bottoms!

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