Weekend at Aunties II

Weekend at Aunties II. In the shop and trying on the outfits and dresses, the cashier suddenly takes an interest.

(Previously) Outdoor Caning In The Woods 50p Per Go

A Weekend At Aunties is the continuing story. Susan, after she helped her Auntie move house and found her collection of spanking magazines, videos and stuff. She found what her Auntie’s favourite pastime was. Then she got a practical demo & found out that she also liked her little bottom being warmed up. 

Restrained Over The Tree Stump

A Weekend At Aunties. The story continues in 3 parts. Starting with a nice new dress and a little ride in the car, unknown to Susan, a local dogging area, where she finds a tree stump with some rings already screwed into it. Bent over. Her wrists secured. Bottom ready for some outdoor caning. Auntie takes great pleasure in erecting the sign.

Fifty pence per swish of the cane. Susan scans the area hoping that nobody comes along. A small amount of money this even. Could leave her with a very sore bottom. Auntie just laughs. The flimsy little dress rides up. showing her skimpy panties. No protection from the selection of canes and whips in the bag. Click here To See It

Shopping Blow-Jobs and Spanking Payments

In this series. Susan goes to a rather kinky shop and her Auntie gets her to try on some different outfits. When she finds out that her Auntie has no intention of paying for the outfits. The man in the shop accepts blow-jobs and smacked bottoms. As payment.

Weekend at Aunties II

Seen On Animae 3D World

Weekend at Aunties II

Seen On Anime 3D World

More to come with all these stories and picture sets. 

With some very hot red smacked butts inside:
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