Chat Room Meet II

Chat Room Mummy Meeting

Another chat room mummy meeting. After her second time in the chatroom. She decides to meet her online Mommy again. This time it’s the cane. In the same scenario, they played in the chatroom. But this is for real. Online Mommy gave her a good caning on her pantied bottom. Then her bare cheeks. In the safety of the chat room. Now she is getting a good long caning for real. The teen girl has already met with her. For a nice spanking. Over the knee. 

Spanking Chat

Her curiosity got the better. Interested in spanking. Dressing up in her old school uniform. Looking at spanking pictures on the internet. Playing online cyber spanking games. In chatrooms like Using her laptop in the privacy of her bedroom. Finding an online spanking Mommy to play with. Sever al chats lead to a nervous first meeting. That leads to a red hot bottom for real. Then a second encounter got her a caning. Still, in character from the chat room, she pretends to be the daughter of her cyber spanking new best friend. 

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This picture story is a continuation of the first meeting. This is available inside the full member’s area. Inside the website, there are hundreds of spanking chatroom scenarios. The stories are based around and meetings from chat room play. 

Chat Room Mummy Meeting spanking fun and games with the cane too

caning fun after the chatroom meeting

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